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Corporate Presentations

What image is your business conveying? Want to dress up your dress code? Our Corporate Image Presentation can help!
Tired of your employees dressing like it’s casual Friday every day? Hire StoltzZinke Image Consulting to present a powerful, informative and engaging presentation covering the basics of dressing appropriately for work.

Lots of Images


Our Corporate First Impressions Presentations feature lots of images to engage the audience and encourage participation. On the left, you can see an example of a slide we use to illustrate how makeup makes a huge difference.


We provide relatable examples to prove how important first impressions
can be, not only for your employees personally, but for your brand
image as well.


The audience will relate to the examples given and understand how visual appearance makes a difference. Let StoltzZinke Image Consulting help your employees learn how to dress for success! Our corporate Image Presentation will give your employees the keys to success!

Do’s and Don’ts


We cover a number of important Do’s and Don’ts for dressing professionally in our Corporate Image Presentation. Here is a list of some of the main points we cover:

Professional attire for the workplace is different than casual and weekend attire. Learn how to dress professionally.
Don't wear the wrong color. Learn how much of a difference color makes in your employees personal appearance. See examples.
Style and design. How to dress for your body shape.
Learn tips on how to be competent, comfortable, approachable and credible.
Discuss proper fit.
Learn the value of staying current.
Discover simple ways to make subtle changes in your attire.
How to dress professionally and yet let your personality show.
And much more.

* All corporate image presentations can be customized to include your company dress code for an additional charge.